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Sweet Mat

Sweet Mats are made to fit the standard esthetician bed. The dimensions are 27x72.


Extra Sweet Mat

Extra Sweet Mat are made to fit esthetician bed that are larger in size. The dimensions are 36x76. 


Sweet Mini Mat

Sweet Mini Mats are sanitary maintenance area mats. The dimensions are 12x18.


Sweet Pillow Case

Sweet Pillow Case fits the standard pillow. 


Sweet Custom Table

Custom Table Mats are not meant to cover your treatment bed. This is custom made to fit your dresser, table, or cart.

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Sweet Essentials

Intimate care line made by an esthetician for estheticians.

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Greetings and thank you for considering me for your product needs. I am so excited to offer you Studio L Sweet Mats in sizes Sweet Standard size, Extra Sweet Mat for larger treatment beds, Sweet Mini mats for countertops, and so much more.


We have a plethora of colors for you to choose from. Our Sweet Mats and Extra Mats have customized secure strap options which we highly recommend based on the feedback from other estheticians. I struggled with room changeover (sugaring hair removal to facials). 

With my Sweet Mats life is sweeter! I can leave all of my beautiful linen on my bed and service a sugaring client with the Sweet Mat on top. Turnover is easy as wiping the Sweet Mat with your favorite choice of EPA disinfecting wipes. It's simple mat-tactic! No longer do you have to purchase rolls of paper to fill up the trash, adding more trash to the environment.

No more sweat paper butts! Add a little more sweetness with a pop of color to your treatment room with my Sweet Mats. Disinfection and sanitation do not have to be hard or boring. even more engagement.

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